CB Garrett — Assignment 3 — Chatbots

For my chatbot, I made a chatbot that goes through some of my life. I tried to incorporate some of my past and present life, detailing some of my college life, family, favorite food, contact information etc. The problem it tries to solve I guess would be a college student that is hopefully bringing in tons of job interest and the employers reach out to check my Facebook page to try and learn more about me. I think this is actually a pretty cool tool, but am not sure if it is practical on the small scale. For bigger businesses that have thousands or more of people having questions or complaints, it makes sense. For an individual person like myself, there is a lot of work to go into to building the bot for the fact that I will not get very many messages. Because of this it is easier to just respond to the messages than to work on building out the bot to make it respond to as many things as possible. I also learned that your words need to be spot on in the AI section of the bot, as if there are some spelling mistakes it struggles a little.

The link to the facebook page where I deployed the bot is below.