CB Garrett — Assignment 5

Although I am not entirely sure what I will end up doing, but with my two majors being sport analytics and broadcast journalism, I will take a look into the future of tech in data journalism. As I talked about for my field test proposal, one of the big things that I think will happen in the sports world is the large number of competing companies in the wearable technology industry will drive the prices down. This will allow the technology to be more accessible to everyday users. This will allow data journalists to analyze the data and tell users how they can use the information to their benefit. It will also be interesting to see with all that sports leagues, such as the MLB, track publicly currently, if this wearable technology data that players wear becomes publically available data that different sports scientists can analyze. I think in the future there then will become fewer wearable technology companies. There are so many out there that do so many different things and all have such a niche market, that eventually they will all expand their functionality and make some of the companies obsolete.

I also think there is a big future in broadcasts for allowing personalization to what the individual viewers want. Maybe it is farfetched to expect for every baseball game of the season to have it so the user can personalize content in the near future. But it does seem feasible that with VR broadcasts starting to become prevalent, that the viewer can decide different types of graphic overlays on their broadcast based on their preferences. If the viewer is big into analytics, they can get more statistical updates, while a fan of a specific team can get different updates on their favorite players. There also will be changes in TV packages where viewers can purchase specific games, quarters, or have the ability to watch an NFL Redzone type channel for fantasy players.