Chatbot- Assignment 3

Here’s my personal Chat bot I made using Chatfuel.


I found what was hardest for me was to find a real purpose for my bot.  I started with the idea of sharing information on my career goals, work I’ve created, and my personal life.  However, looking back I think focusing on one aspect really well throughout would have been way more beneficial. Now, if you pick the personal life journey it can takes you down a lot of different routes from finding out more on my hometown to random facts about myself.  My chatbot almost becomes overwhelming and very confusing… My bot seems more like a strange “pick your journey” book saying random stuff rather than having an interesting realistic conversation to help solve a goal.

I also struggled with navigating through the different blocks and creating different scenarios for my bot to take the user down. If given time more time to launch the bot and have more people organically use it I think overtime collecting that data and adding it to my bot can fix a lot of these issues of it seeming stall and impersonal.

At the end of the day, I’ve learned that you can’t make a great chatbot right off the bat. Instead, over time the behavior will evolve accordingly. I started off hating Siri for not understanding me and being mad at Apple for not making her better… Now I have a new appreciation for the people who make these bots.