Chatbot Attempt

This week, I was able to create my own chatbot through Chatfuel. I have to say, it was an interesting process. I found that it wasn’t as easy as it seems. I’ve only ever used chatbots, not totally realizing what went into make a full on working bot. I remember the first time using a chat bot: the good ol’ AIM. From then comes Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and many other developing products.

The process was very difficult, in my opinion, to get use to off the bat. Once you got the process down and knew where things were suppose to go, it became easier to navigate. I found it tricky to figure out how to incorporate the AI tool with the chatbot. This is because I would put in one phrase that would be associated with a block, instead of putting in all the possible ways a person could word a phrase or a question. I also found it interesting that you could add in the typing tool to make it look like the chatbot was actually typing. This made it seem more humanistic in my opinion, not like a robot that is completely programed and just spitting out formulated answers. It was also confusing at first navigating through the different blocks and creating the blocks for each topic. I thought it was a bit confusing with having to attack other blocks into blocks when using buttons. After figuring it out, it seemed to move smoothly.

I decided to make my chatbot around myself and what I’m learning throughout my program at Newhouse and through this class. I went into personal details about myself as a person, along with details about Artificial Intelligence, 360 video, and 3D Models. I tried to make my chatbot seem more human and have a personality of some sort, like an extension of myself. It tries to give some information on myself as a person and student and then also goes into some detail about different technologies becoming more popular.

Here is the link to my bot: