Clayton Dyer – Assignment #1

A piece of technology in science fiction that I believe we are on the verge of making a reality is the Regeneration Cradle featured in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

The Regeneration Cradle aids in the regeneration of human tissue and has the ability to print tissue and bond it to a patient’s cells. The cradle is used in the movie to heal Hawkeye, who was injured in the attack on a HYRDA Research base.

Although most probably rememebr the Regeneration Cradle as being the machine that created The Vision (which is a little more advanced than what is currently technologically fathomable) the idea of tissue regeneration and creation is one I believe to be on the horizon. 3-D printing has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and artificially created organs are getting closer to becoming a reality.

Cradle_fullBy no means I am an expert or even a novice in biomechanical engineering, so the technology category that most interests me is the use of 360 video rigs and GoPros to produce immersive video experiences and VR videos. Something I would like to experiment with in my field test is the use of 360 camera rigs for sports, and whether or not the idea of watching sports via 360 degree videos is feasible.