A8: Correlation between iPhone Sales and Apple Stock Prices

Since Steve Jobs death in 2011, Apple has faced intense criticism from both the public and the investor community. The biggest question on everyone’s mind: can Apple survive without Jobs?

While Apple has received flack for sitting on piles of cash and being unable to innovate, the company’s stock price seems unphased.  iPhone sales in Q1 were through the roof with the release of the iPhone6 and iPhone6+. In Q1, apple sold 74.47 million iPhones. That’s 23.44 million more than Q1 last year.

Below is a graph that cross references iPhone sales with Apple stock prices to examine the correlation between the two. The numbers pulled are from market close at the end of each quarter since 2007, when the iPhone was introduced.

Something to note, this graph adjusts for Apple’s 7-1 stock split in Q3 of 2014.



Want to see more? Find the original data for iPhone sales and stock prices.

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