Dataviz Final Project Proposal-Yi Zhang

I want to research some data of the movie Beauty and the Beast and to review this movie from the data aspect.

I need to acquire the total daily gross, daily change, foreign gross, online rating, etc. I will get the data from Box Office Mojo and IMDb.

There were a few versions of movies and TV shows of this classic fantasy story before. So, I will use a timeline to introduce the history of this story. Then I will use or high charts to show the daily box office data and people’s rating situation on IMDb. In the end, I will probably include a sortable data table to show the box office data of this movie in other countries.

One of the unknowns is that the movie is still showing, so the box office data is continually changing. Therefore, what I’m going to do is not making a final judgement, but presenting the trend.

Things will go wrong if I can’t find the data I need. My plan B is to find another movie which has ended showing in theatres. Usually, it’s easier to get complete data for movie that has ended showing.