Dota 2 Prize Pools

It was kind of a big deal when in 2011, Valve Software introduced the then only-just-rumored Dota 2. It was an even bigger deal that they introduced it alongside a tournament. It was an even bigger deal when that tournament turned out to have one of the biggest prize pools in competitive gaming history.

Starting with The International 2013, Valve began crowdsourcing the prize money for the biggest tournaments. Players were able to add to the prize pool by purchasing in-game items. This model proved tremendously effective. Each year the prize pool becomes bigger and bigger, dwarfing the $1,000,000 prize pool of the first event in 2011.

Valve introduced the Majors in 2015. These thrice-ish yearly tournaments occur in various places throughout the world, and have a consistent prize pool of $3,000,000 which is put up entirely by Valve. The amount of money at stake in a given year is absolutely staggering, and it seems like it’s only going up.

Data collected from Liquipedia.