Edwards- Assignment 1

This project has been very interesting to say the least. My 3D model was successful, but I’m not too pleased with my model below. I changed all of the colors in Tinkerfab and that didn’t seem to survive the exporting process! After seeing my original 3D model in Tinkerfab, I noticed that my “power stance” came across pretty well! That informed my decision to create a statue from my model. I don’t know if I necessarily deserve to be made into a statue, but here it is! I wanted to add another element so I inserted some text. The thing that currently defines me is that I am an MMJ in training! If the colors had transferred, it would be a little easier to read.

This technology will change information sharing immensely. Information is no longer limited to the confines of a textbook or document. For tactile learners, this is an amazing concept. For example, Makerspace printed graphs to help a blind student learn concepts in his economics class better! This technology is truly amazing and, if used properly, will really help improve information sharing.


Kristen Edwards 3D Model
by kristen5678
on Sketchfab