Field Test

For my field test I used the autographer. I saw the product of the project from last year when trying to capture a sports event. I thought that if I tried to capture life that is slightly still I would get better quality photos, but I was sadly mistaken. I also thought it would be a good idea to try and capture one room such as a classroom because me and other classmates spoke about utilizing this technology to give incoming Freshmen a perspective of the school, but this did not work out either.

My first test was to walk through campus and get pictures of campus to give the students that perspective of talking through campus, but when I reviewed the pictures, the neck piece did not allow it to stay still enough to capture good pictures and even so it had a low range that couldn’t give the whole perspective.

My second test was to capture a classroom, but because lighting was so low the pictures did not come out correctly. I used the clip piece and pictures were more steady but still blurry.

Overall, I wanted to give future students a perspective of campus, but with this technology because of the fact that it judges when the sequence is over and the perspective under your head is not appealing to many people.

I do still like the Autographer because of the accessibility. I was able to learn how to use it very quickly and I think it will be a good tool in the news room when you are on the scene and trying to figure out what is important to catch.


Here are the pictures from my attempts.