Field Test for Drones: TV Series

For my second field test, I used drones to film footage for “Unsuper”, a six episode television series, that my Advanced TV Production class was producing. The series was based on the theme of “self-discovery”, figuring out who you really are. It dealt with different dimensions like good and evil operating within the human world and how these forces observe and influence the human world. The main protagonist of the story was a super villain who lived in “Evilton” or the evil land.


We wanted to create a larger-than-life impact in this story as it explored different dimensions and forces and we therefore, wanted to establish “Evilton” in a similar manner. After the NTNM class lecture on drones, I checked with Professor Pacheco if I could use the footage captured by drones for my Advanced TV class series. He encouraged me further and gave me the contact information for the point person, who further told the legal restrictions associated with flying drones. This limited me to just the aerial shots of the campus or some far uninhabited areas, because as per the rules it’s illegal to fly drones in Syracuse downtown area.

I thought that the aerial shots of campus would be perfect to represent “Evilton” as it would look more like a magical land, full of castles, rather than a regular college campus. So, I requested the Skyworkspro team to give me access to the scenic footage that their team had captured. As expected, it contained beautiful aerial shots of the campus, which looked no less than a magical land. I asked the editors of my “Unsuper” series team to color correct these shots by giving each shot a dark and mysterious color treatment. The editors did a fabulous job in camouflaging the campus in those shots. We used the footage filmed with drones in three episodes.

Episode 1


Episode 3


Episode 6

When the series was premiered, amongst other things, the audience was enthralled by the visually vivid and beautiful shots that were captured by drones. At the end, it all pieced together wonderfully and made perfect sense, which was further validated by many audience members who asked me the same question, “how did your team manage to get those beautiful aerial shots?”

This field test was a great experience for me as I was able to utilize the knowledge gained from this class and actually apply it to a project, which further yielded wonderful results.

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