Field Test Idea – 360 Camera Thomas Viola

The purpose of 360 degree cameras is to take footage that will immerse someone in a given place or event, give them freedom to focus on what they want to see. It’s an idea that has been implemented in newscasts, sporting events, and video games. But what about other commercial aspects? Particularly real estate.

360 degree digital tours could give prospective buyers or renters of a home a far better idea of what it feels like to look or be in a house than potentially misleading promotional still photos. Rather than spending hours going to various open houses and taking tours of houses that they quickly realize they don’t want to live in anyway. If you are moving from far away, you may only have a limited time in an area to house hunt. 360 degree tours could help you get a better idea of houses you may be interested in before you even head out to house hunt.

The same goes for vacation rentals, where you may sink a large sum of money into renting out a house for a week, only to get there and find the place is really not what you expected. These tours could help give renters a better idea of the place they are going to spend their vacation in.

For my field test, I would like to use a 360 degree camera to create a virtual tour of a vacation home to be used as a way to promote and highlight why renters should pick this house. I think that the fantastic footage, combined with the inability to use choice angles to create deceptive views of a house could be an excellent new way to advertise and promote vacation rentals.