Field Test Idea

After experimenting with the Autographer and learning more about it, I’d like to use this technology for my field test. It has the ability to capture photos with little to no effort, so users can relive their experiences through pictures.

For my field test, I’d like to have two different people wear the Autographer for several hours. After wearing it, I will ask them about their day and write down their memories. I will then show them the collection of pictures. I will ask them these questions:

1. What do you see in the pictures you didn’t remember seeing or experiencing today?
2. Does seeing the pictures bring back any of those memories?
3. Are there things captured here you don’t remember seeing at all?
4. How does seeing these pictures make you feel about your day?
5. Do the pictures give you a more complete view of your day?

My hypothesis is: The Autographer can help bring back memories and give a complete “picture” of your day you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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