Field Test: The Future of the Fashion industry in virtual reality {Maxine WIlliams}

Introduction: It took me forever to come up with an idea for a field test. I knew I wanted to do something that people could imagine using in the future. One night when I was thinking of field test topics, I thought about the movie Clueless in the scene where Cher was choosing her outfits from her computer. I remember that feature being really cool to me when I first saw it. That’s  when I came up with the idea of 3D scanning yourself to make a virtual closet.

The Issue: Is it possible to make your own virtual closet through 3D scanning, and will this be of good use for the future?


iSense 3D Scanner for Apple iPad Air  $399/499

The Hypothesis:

I can create my own personal virtual closet by scanning myself in my favorite outfits.


Jamaya 3D scans

The results turned out pretty well! I got a friend, Jamaya Powell, to help me scan myself, but she was having trouble understanding how to make a successful full body scan because she was a little technologically challenged, so I ended up using her as my model. In the collage you’ll see 6 screenshots of the scans I made. The scans are also on the Journavation Sketchfab account if you’d like to see them in full 3D action.

If you click that link, it will take you to my favorite scan of the six. It’s my favorite because we were trying to play with poses to see how the scanner would react and it turned out pretty well!

The scans turned out pretty well considering it was all done on an iPad! The only drawbacks to this becoming an actual thing that people do is that it’s very time consuming. For me to create 6 seemingly clear scans of my friend, it took me about an 1 hr and 1/2 since I had to start over several times.It would’ve been way too time consuming to scan Jamaya’s entire wardrobe so I just had her pull out her favorite dresses.

In the future I think this could be a really cool tool to use for fashion enthusiasts who are indecisive on what clothes to wear. I imagine this technology as a “smart closet” where you only have to scan yourself once in your under clothes. From that point, I envision clothes to have a feature where you can download the pieces to your closet, and dress your 3D model. [I wrote about this in more detail in my vision post!]