Field test Tony Yao

As for my field test, I wanted to know whether amazon voice recognition system can actually recognize real human voice instead of some computer generated voice. Let’s see what it happens when it heard of computer generated voices


Test methodology

What I wanted to know is that is machine-generated voices can be recognized and how accurate can they be. To comparison, I have chosen XXX types of computer generated voice systems. Which include:

Also, by recognizing “Alexa” is not enough for this test. I will also try to make it understand longer sentences like “what’s the weather today?” or “Do you know how to make a chocolate brownie?” To see if machine generated voice (which are obvious to us that it is fraud) can be detected by Amazon Echo.

During the test, I realize that if the sentence is too short. Alexa may not be able to recognize the sentence. That’s why I added “Errr” between “Alexa”(the trigger word) and the sentence itself.

I will use my own voice to get an answer so that if Alexa can recognize it, it will reply with the same answer.


Test results

Comparison group:

Human Voice saying “Alexa, What’s the weather today” and “Alexa, Do you know how to make a chocolate brownie?”

Google translate

Amazon echo is able to recognize google translate voices at all time.

Baidu translate

Amazon echo can recognize What’s the weather today but not able to recognize a longer sentence.

Amazon echo is able to recognize voices at all time.

Acapela group

Amazon echo is able to recognize Acapela group voices at all time.



The more human-like voice will have a better chance to fool Amazon Echo system that it is actually a person talking to it. A more machine like sentence can trigger Echo but it is not able to recognize the whole sentence.

I did this field test was totally for fun at the same time. Amazon Echo is a good helper to our everyday life. However, I also recognize some of the safety issues this might generate. If a human can fake his voice and get recognized by Amazon Echo, then he or she may have the ability to fake his presence at home even though he is not actually there. This kind of security issues can be serious if Amazon Echo can’t be able to tell who is actually talking to it.

Voice recognition system still has a long way to go, but I believe that human intelligence will solve all that problems and bring true convenience to our life.