Field Test – Unity & Oculus Rift – Yahui

Virtual reality is the future trend for the entertainment industry, and also add new concept for film television production. Right now, more and more people realize that they want to have a higher visual and sensual experience and pursue an advanced media experience when play game, watch film and television shows. Unity is a software where you can build your own virtual reality world and let people to enjoy your world by wearing Oculus Rift. So, I decide to create experience in Unity and do a field test about how people think and feel about Oculus Rift and Unity.

I created a zombie scene in Unity and put it into Oculus Rift, let people try and experience. Moreover, I also want to know how people react about the zombie I created, do they feel scared or do they want to play and explore more within my experience.


The experience I created is  player will act as a solider on the vast desert, they need to find different boxes and the treasure within that box. At the meantime, they will see different zombie, at first, player may need to avoid those zombies, because zombies will bite you. As player explores more and checks more boxes, they will find a gun or a weapon which player can use for shot zombies and protect themselves.

IMG_4552        IMG_4560

IMG_4548        IMG_4555


User Experience Feedback

I invite my classmate to wear the Oculus DK 2 and experience my scene. She feels that the music is really helpful and can easily take her into my scary zombie environments quickly. She feels it’s amazing when she approaches the box, box opens, and when she clicks the food in the box, the food is gone, she feels like she’s eating the food.

Overall, my tester feels the whole experience is good and she wants to explore more, but she feels a little bit dizzy after wearing the Oculus for 10 minutes, so she couldn’t explore more.


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