Final Assignment- Business Plan

The Inter- Connect app is a mobile application that is aimed at helping international students adjust quickly to their new environment. Through the app, they can connect with other people from their own country, find their native foods and several other things. The way the app works is quite simple. The user downloads the app to their phone or IPad.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 11.21.55 PMNext, the user has to sign in using either Google or Facebook. After signing in, the user now needs to fill in some personal information, the most important information being the “nationality.” The app now generates a list of other users from the same country that are registered on the app who the user can now connect with. The user can also search for other things like grocery stores, places of worship, and restaurants around the Syracuse area. In the image below, the name of our user is Tolu, from Nigeria.

Our competitors are other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These platforms are very effective because they make it easy to find people from all over the world. They have millions of users. This is a blessing for them, but it is also their weakness, because of a large number of users on these sites, they have become less specific and less personal. People are generally unwilling to add people they do not know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but the Inter- connect app is created solely for that purpose; for people with similar backgrounds to connect. Another type of business that would qualify as our competitors are businesses like Yelp and Yellow pages. The weakness of these platforms is that although people give their own opinions with different businesses they cannot connect to these reviewers on a personal level. The Inter- connect app is a more localized version of apps like both Facebook and Yelp.

Our revenue will come from sales of customized merchandise like shirts, mugs, journals etc., and also through investments and in- app advertising.