Final Project Proposal-Alexandra Rojas

Syracuse is home to many non-profit organizations that work every day to try to improve the lives of the impoverished and refugee populations. For my final project, I would like to analyze the relationship between the amount of traffic a non-profit’s website gets depending on how developed it is and the amount of donations, volunteers, and overall help they get. The non-profits that I would like to analyze would be in the Southside of Syracuse.

The data that I would need to acquire would be web analytics for each of the non-profits and whether these non-profits have witnessed increase in funding or any other factors that will benefit them. I would also need to see if any of the websites new developments made that may have affected these increases. I would also interview the principle people in the non-profits that have the most prominent results to analyze their methods.

For now, I’ll use CartoDB to show how many non-profits are in the south side. I’ll also use tools like SEMrush,, and that analyze the traffic of websites. All that is needed to be typed in is the website’s domain.

I’d have to flesh out how big each non-profit is and if that affects the traffic that they have; is there an actual web designer on staff?; what’s the message that they’re trying to express?; and are they marketing in other ways?

If things may go wrong, plan B would be to focus on non-profits in another area of Syracuse like the Westside or the Northside.