Final Project Proposal- Brianne Sabino

With the upcoming United States presidential election in 2016, it’s hard to turn on the TV or go on the internet without being bombarded with stories and statistics about the candidates.  I want to focus my final project on the role of religion in presidential elections.  With this election specifically, I feel that many of the republican candidates are being fueled by certain religious groups and special interest groups.  I want to dig further into this and see how people’s religious preferences have influenced their voting, and how that might affect this election.

There are many kinds of data to look into regarding religion and politics.  I want to study geographically, how religion in different parts of the county has an effect on voting.  I will use CartoDB to plot data onto a map of the United States based on my findings.

I would also be interested to see the data on how gender and age play along with religion.  For example, are women more likely to vote for the candidate that their religious beliefs are lined up with?  Or do young people have as strongly held religious beliefs as older people? Is it reflected in their voting?  Another interesting aspect to look into would be religion in politics over time.  Have people over time become more or less inclined to vote based on religious preferences? I plan to use High Charts and NVD3 to display my findings on this data.

The Pew Research center has a lot of data about both religion and American politics that I will use as my main source of data.  I think the hardest part about this is digging through the large amount of data that exists on this topic and finding the connections between the political candidates that people voted for and their religious preference.