Final Project Proposal- Ellie Haines

For my final project, I want to outline the music industry. First, I will be sorting each genre of music and seeing how many artists/bands identify with the genre. Then I will be ranking them by popularity and so forth. I want to include a timeline of when these genres were recognized as a category of music. In order to visualize this data I plan on using infogram, highcharts and timeline to help tell this story. I have already started to gather data regarding the timeline and the popularity. It will be cool to see if some bands/ artists identify with one or more different types of genres and find some unknown subcategories of larger genres. My hope is that my project will make the music industry look more simple than it is. I don’t want to just focus on top 100 songs or most popular artists because we all know that. There are many more genres that I can incorporate as well like folk, indie, alternative, jazz ect.