Final Project Proposal – Federico Ghelli

For my final proposal I want to analyze the presidency of John F. Kennedy through the use of different data visualization tools.

First I’d like to put together a timeline of Kennedy’s highlights as president, from the day he was elected until November 22, 1963,  the day of his assassination. I also want to create a map on Carto DB to show his official trips outside the country as president of the United States. Lastly, I was thinking about creating a chart or an infographic  to show a comparison between Kennedy and the current president, Barack Obama.

To create this project I will use data from the U.S. Department of State archive and online journals or articles related to Kennedy’s presidency.

I think that this idea would help knowing better one of the Presidents that made the history of the country. There are many reasons to remember J. F. Kennedy and putting data into visual objects I think it will give a better idea of Kennedy’s life and achievements.

I’m already halfway through the creation of this project and I don’t think I should encounter any issue. However, in that case I would use my resources to successfully complete it. Throughout this course I learned how to manage different tools, so I believe I’m well equipped to overcome any issue I may encounter.