Hakan Product Management Assignment 1

Connor Hakan


Market Research Report

I did my market research on the Oculus Rift DK2.  I interviewed three people about their experiences and what they thought were some of the drawbacks.  One of the most interesting things people came away with was the excitement of trying the Rift.  They all wanted more and seemed to be interested in the product.  While I did not directly see a problem the Rift was solving for people, it is creating a new market that people did not know they had.  I think the problem the Rift is solving for people is the ability to be present in places outside their reality.  When people tried on the Rift, I noticed that I had to act like they were not in the room.  I had to recognize that they are in a different place, a virtual place.

Joanquin Acrich was the first person interviewed.  He saw himself buying the Rift and playing Call of Duty on it with his friends.  However, when I pressed him on watching a news story on it, perhaps a war story, he did not like the idea.  He said watching a live video of war on the Rift would be too real.  I think that will be true for a lot of people.  At the same time, when I interviewed Dan Poorman, he indicated that it would be awesome to watch a real time war on in the Rift.  Poorman thought while it was somewhat taking advantage of the situation, it might make people care more about a war if they could experience it.  Poorman wanted the graphics to be a lot better if he was going to buy one, but it didn’t bother him that much.

I think the Rift is the biggest thing since the Internet.  It has so much potential and we are just scratching the surface of what it can do.  No one I talked to came away from the Rift saying they would never want to use one again, or thought it was horrible.  The Rift shows the best kind of market research because I did not have to sell anybody on the product, the product sold itself.