Assignment 4A: Hospitals in Upstate NY

My sister is a nurse on the Mercy Flight evac helicopter, which flies out of Marcellus and Rochetser, depending on the day. One of the first things her pilot needed to know was the location of every hospital in Upstate NY, and which he could fly to fastest when they had a patient onboard.

For new students coming to Syracuse, it’s easy to find a place with urgent care, as they’re not too far from campus. But according to my sister, families in rural communities often don’t know how to get to the hospitals their loved ones are being flown to, and sometimes don’t make it before the patient takes a turn for the worst. That’s why I think a map like the one below would be helpful for my sister, and the rest of the crew, to send to the families, and any other people in need in the Syracuse area.

It maps out exactly where the hospitals are, down to the exact street. It could also be helpful for new Mercy Flight employees who don’t know where other hospitals outside of the Syracuse area are. Studying it would not only mean better preparation for the job, but also that they would be able to better inform the families of patients on the helicopter.

Location data gathered from NY data.

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