How Waveables Technology Make A Difference -Yahui

3D and Imax give audience a chance to enjoy better visual and sensual experiences about film, especially for these block-buster films. The innovation of waveables technology gives film a chance to let audiences get a body-responsive film journey experience instead of just limited in visual and sensual aspects. Moreover, the waveables technology can also change the way how films and television are photographed and produced.

The 360-degree camera archives that one shoot can cover all the scenes around the camera which may shorten the shooting and production time for production crew. when shooting for a package for television news,  360-degree camera may cover all angles of events, which people can see what else going on during the event, in order to increase the credibility of television news.

Also, because of the lightweight and easy to carry with, 360-degree camera can not only be used at film, but also can be used at sports production. Even people watch their games on television, footage that shot by 360-degree camera may give audiences a feeling of authenticity that they are out there in the game field.

Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard are shifting viewing experience. Both of them are creating a world for audiences, let audiences feel they are actually walking into the scene and forget their roles as viewers. Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard may change the viewing experience. However, there are still existing problems we need to fix like certain amount of people may suffer from dizzy and headache when wearing those devices for a long time, so we may experiment and start with short  films with steady scenes.


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