Ives – Assignment 8: Crimes vs. Inmate Population (Onondaga County)

In light of the recent discourse around militarization of police forces around the U.S. and what some politicians and analysts are calling “mass incarceration,” I thought it would be appropriate to look at inmate data for Onondaga County. This dataset, from data.ny.gov, only contains data from 1997 on. I decided to compare this to yearly crime statistics to see how they line up (or not).

The following chart displays data about crimes and inmate population in Onondaga County. I think it’s interesting to note that, even though crimes have gone way down since 1997, the inmate population has remained relatively constant. In fact, it’s even gone up a hair.

Why this is the case is, of course, up for debate — but I think the data poses some interesting questions nonetheless.

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