Jakubowski-Assignment #2

i have been amazed with all these technologies i have been able to interact with over the past two weeks.  The 360 video has been what has interested me the most because i see how this tool could work for reporting on a story.  I know may outlets, such as the NYT, employ 360 video to help tell stories and give that visual appeal.  I expect this to trend of using 360 video in journalism to continue until it is near universal.

Something in the science fiction world that we are getting closer to is holograms.  We see them in movies all the time, but it is now getting closer and closer to our reality.  CNN i believe had one of the first live holograms on TV when Wolf Blitzer was shown as a hologram during either the 2008 or 2012 election. What a site!  I wonder how far off hologram communication is…?

For my field test, I would look into reporting on a story using the 360 video camera system.  I would record at multiple scenes to set the scene for the story i am reporting.  I would also try to include some type of audio voice over with the subjects.  I am not sure of how it would work, but including audio over the video would make a nice pairing.