Jakubowski-Assignment #4

Witnessing the drone flight last week was something that marveled me, and also got me thinking of some questions i have. One involves the future of the drones propellers. I feel like this part of drones may be obsolete in the coming years. I could envision a scenario where commercial drones are held up in the air by miniature jet engines or some other type of wing instrument, something that is safer and more efficient than propellers.

Another thought i had was that i feel like drones will be more used with “dirty” and unsafe jobs, almost in the sense of how factories have replaced manual labor with robots to increase productivity and efficiency. It would not surprise me to see Drones doing everything from putting out fire or disposing of garbage. Drones are already used for one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, military purposes.

The next step might be how drones could act at commercial airlines and eliminate human error when it comes to flying airplanes. Now, human error in accordance with airplane operation is already very limited, but drones could increase speeds and choose better flight paths. Commercial drone airlines might sound like fiction, but it could be well on its way in the next two decades.