Jason Chen – Product Management Assignment 1

The product I used on News Engagement Day is the Structure Sensor, which is the world’s first iPad 3D scanner. It is attached to an iPad and could provide depth information for 3D scanning. I actually had a similar experience in Professor Anthony Rotolo’s class when he introduced AutoCAD to the class. What’s more interesting than AutoCAD is that the Structure Sensor can measure entire rooms all at once. Jason Kohlbrenner, the Supervisor of Production Operations at Newhouse School, said that the device has great potential in modeling. He said, however, there are limitations. For example, things like glass are not likely to work well with the sensor. Also, the device cannot capture objects that are farther than 25 feet. Another application that works with the Structure Sensor is itSeez3D, which has the ability to scan people and objects as well. I asked a student at Food.com about the application of the Structure Sensor, and she said that it probably has the potential in keeping criminal records or police investigation. Although there are negatives and improvements needed for the future, the device undoubtedly grabbed many people’s attention.