Jason Chen’s Assignment 2

Product Concept:

The product I came up with is a platform that allows people to keep records of the money that you owe others or you have paid back. With the app, you can create entries to help you organize your finances and track your money. When you create an entry, you need to type in the name of the the person who owes you money. After you enter the amount, there is a place for you to write a short description of the entry (optional). For example, you can put the breakdown of the amount so the recipient knows what the money is for. After an entry is submitted, the system will automatically send out a notification email to the recipient reminding him or her of paying back the money.

After you get paid back, you will need to create another entry indicating that you have received the money. Similarly, the system will send out another email to your friend to make sure that the money has been received by you.

Although the platform sounds like what Google Keep or other note-taking apps can do for us, this app is only limited to keeping records of owning and receiving money.

The reason I created this app is that I feel the importance of not owing someone money and not forgetting to pay it back. Since the app is still in beta, only those who got invited can have access to the app. The app will be available on App Store, Google Play, and PC.


Pixar Story:

Once upon a time… there was a student who was the treasurer in his class overseeing class finances and the class budget.

Every time… he is collecting money for class activities he always screwed it up.

One day… he found an app that could help him keep records of who have paid and who have not in an organized and efficient way.

Because of the app… he knew who haven’t given him the money.

Because of the app… he was able to remind his classmates that they need to pay him the money.

Until finally… he always did a good job as a class treasurer and had been re-elected as a class treasurer for every semester.


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