Jason’s Assignment #5

Syracuse is the first city I visited in the US as an international student from Asia. Although it’s not a big city, I love it so much because I met good professors and met lots of friends here.

Time went so fast that I have been living at Syracuse for two years and is a junior now. Since the beginning of this semester, the weather has always been nice and sunny. What’s event better, I just bought my Toyota Prius two weeks ago. Having and car of my own and such a awesome weather, why don’t you seize the time and go out to play?

Below is a map of three kinds of outdoor activities that I am planning to do later this semester.

When it comes to grocery shopping, I can only think of Tops and Wegmans. But there are places that have fresher food — farmers markets! In the past decade the number of farmers markets in New York State has grown at a rapid rate. The map contains information about the time and location of community farmers markets.

Growing up in an island country, fishing is always my top choice when speaking of outdoor activities. The map displays recommended locations of rivers and streams for fishing in New York State, according to fisheries biologists working for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Technology is so important in today’s world. We seldom have the time to go outside to go wildlife watching. To my surprise, I have found locations of wildlife viewing sites from New York Wildlife Viewing Guide, which is a great activity to do on weekends!


The map’s basemap is from Mapbox.