John Tummino Assignment 3: Health Violations Near The SU Campus

As a college student living without any source of income, and as a lover of foods of all varieties, I often find myself wandering down towards Marshall Street to grab something to eat. This is something thousands of Syracuse University students do multiple times over the course of any given day.

However, what students may not realize is that as they get their fill at one of the many eateries on or near campus, they are potentially sacrificing quality for cost. While examining the results of the most recent health inspections at restaurants around campus, I was alarmed to find that an overwhelming majority of those restaurants were found to be in violation of health codes.

View Health Violations Near The SU Campus in a larger map

As you can see in the interactive map above, a mere 3 of the 17 restaurants featured in the data were found to not be violating any health codes. When you look a little deeper into the types of violations these restaurants are committing, clear patterns emerge.

First of all, half of the 14 restaurants had violations for the ways in which they stored their food. For example, Varsity was found to be lacking enough refrigerated storage equipment needed to keep all potentially hazardous foods stored at the proper cold temperature. Additionally, the restaurant did not have accurate thermometers available to check food storage temperatures.

A second trend that emerged had to do with the cleanliness of surfaces in the restaurants. 11 of the 14 restaurants had violations for dirty surfaces or dirty non-food contact surfaces of equipment.

Both of these trends are disturbing because it shows the food that many college-age people are consuming is not being prepared properly, which could result in them getting sick. Considering 9 of the restaurants were last inspected in 2013, one can only hope that these eateries and cafes show that they have improved upon what was wrong the next time they are inspected.

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