Julia Smith Lynda tutorial

About two weeks ago I took the HTML tutorial from Lynda.com. It was interesting to see how much I already knew based on MySpace layout designs from middle school and my own curiosity in how webpages are laid out. However, there was so much to learn. Realizing that “< h1 >” and “< h2 >” are entirely different definitions and do not actually change the size of the text on a webpage was helpful, and also made me curious on how CSS interplays with this.
It was helpful learning that no matter what at the top a document type declaration was necessary for the webpage to function. and then adding charset= “utf-8” all looked foreign to me before, but Lynda.com put this language into English. Another term that I had always seen on WordPress and other sites was   but never fully understood its meaning. Finding out that it was a way to give blank space was helpful when I was making my charts, and I also learned that it was a lazy way to not use CSS. Again, this made me want to learn more about CSS.
The most interesting part about markup language is how simplistic it really is. All you are doing is telling the computer what is going where. If I want an image in my webpage, I just have to tell it that it is an image by saying, “< img src=”” width=”” height=”” alt=””> ” HTML is very much its own language, but an easy one to catch on to. As someone who struggles with foreign languages and technology, Lynda.com made HTML the first language I felt proficient in after just one day.