Keith Zubrow #NTNM Assignment 2

There is no question that the inclusion of new technology in society will have a great affect on journalism. Pin-pointing what that affect will be seems difficult, but by basing my opinions on both historic and present trends, and some help from my crystal ball, here is some insight as to what journalists should anticipate.

The most trusted factual information will be based on data collected without anyone even realizing.

The next time you walk into a shopping mall, look around and to see if you’re being watched. No, not by the creepy guy on the other side of the store, by data collecting cameras.

New technology is emerging to track the habits of customers in order to better advertise to them. Within the next five years this data gathering technology will come from your cellphone and media companies will be equally interested in the trends, as retailers are interested in them now. The information will help journalists determine what you actually care about, and further optimize what content you see compared to others. Data will become one of the key drivers in journalism.

Is this real or fake?

We may not all have run out to the store to by a 3-D TV, but if you could travel back through time, would you? In the next 20 years, emersion technology will be come readily available and the oculus rift will become affordable. Instead of telling you about the day’s big news story, journalists will put you into the situation. The use of emersion technology will alter the perception that we as a society have on, well society. Instead of imagining what it is like to walk in someone’s shoes, we will walk in someone’s shoes. Furthermore the demand for journalists who can code will be at an all-time high.

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