Klimara – Assignment 7

1.) Working with FTP and Highcharts

This is a sample highchart with made up data.

2.) Interactive highchart: Rising Tuition Rates

As a college student, I am very aware of tuition prices constantly rising. However, it is difficult to see the real impact of the prices unless they are all laid out from year to year. This chart shows the rise in tuition for undergraduate students at Syracuse University from 2010-2015.

Looking at the chart, we can see the drastic change is tuition costs in just 5 short years. What I find interesting is that the smallest jump in cost is actually from the 2014-2015 academic year to the current academic year. This could mean that we are starting to see less drastic rises in college tuition.

This chart was much easier to ftp and embed into my post after I struggled last week. After having trouble with assignment 6, I found this one to be much less challenging and I now feel much more confident with the tools we have been using in class. I did try to figure out how to change the colors in the chart, however I wasn’t sure where to put the style tags into the text editor. If I can somehow figure that out, I will definitely go back and make my highchart a little bit more exciting with Syracuse colors.


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