Klimara – Product Management Assignment 1

Testing the Samsung Gear VR

My first impression when trying on the Samsung Gear VR was that it was just like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Then, I became very disoriented because I could not see or hear any of my surroundings. However, once I got past that, I really enjoyed the device.

The first person that we interviewed, really enjoyed the Gear VR. Phillip Elgie had actually tried the Gear VR prior to our interview.

“It was engaging actually” he said and overall he was amazed with the technology. “That’s just a cellphone in there,” Elgie explained.

He went on to say that it was “super easy” to navigate but the video quality could be improved.

“Sometimes you see stitching which takes you out of the story,” he said, but Elgie thinks that will just improve with time.

He is hoping that over time the product will also include more educational tools. “You could have a whole lesson,” Elgie explained, which he thinks would benefit students much more than just sitting in a classroom.

The second person to try the Gear VR was Brittany Muller. After putting on the goggles she immediately laughed out loud saying, “I’m so confused right now!”

After about one minute, Muller pulled the Gear VR off of her head.

“I’m a little overwhelmed by it because I don’t know what else is going on in the outside world,” she said.

“You feel very disconnected from the world… I don’t think it’s personally for me,” Muller explained.

Next, we spoke to two friends who were both amazed by the technology.

As soon as Brandyn Munford put on the device, he whispered, “I’m so fascinated right now.”

“I’ve never had [something like] that before,” he said after taking off the goggles. Then he went on to say that this is something he would purchase on his own if given the chance.

His friend, Kavell Brown, also was enthusiastic about the Gear VR. “That’s so crazy to me… it really feels like you’re there,” he said.

His only critique was about the use of the controller.

“Either you want to incorporate the controller more or completely cut it out,” Brown explained. “It’s pretty intuitive though.”

Overall, there were positives and negatives when trying out this device. The majority of people were amazed by what this technology could do. However, after hearing everyone’s input there are definitely a few improvements that could be made.