Lynda Lesson

Jennifer Castro

Over the years, I’ve found many Lynda courses helpful and instructive. I spent hours upon hours my sophomore year while taking an Excel class at Syracuse and was able to grasp many concepts that I had been stuck on. The specific Lynda course I took for this class centered around Excel as well, and more specifically sorting and filtering large amounts of data.

This course was particularly helpful when it came to creating the sortable, searchable list, and sorting and filtering data for my Infogram charts. It covered sorting by rows or columns, creating custom filters, eliminating duplicate data, and prepping data for analysis. I also learned how to create a pivot table, which eased the process of sorting and filtering all of my data. It’s especially difficult to sift through large amounts of data without knowing the processes of sorting and filtering. Most, if not all, of the data sets I dealt with had thousands of data points, and it’s impossible to cover them all in most charts or graphs. With the Lynda course, I was able to thoroughly understand how to make the most of my data to ensure for a clear graph, chart, or story I told through my assignments. I spent a good amount of time sifting through the data, sorting and filtering it in different ways before finalizing the end project.

Learning more about Excel’s sorting and filtering helped immensely because each set of data that I analyzed for all my assignments in this course was on Excel. We also utilized Google Sheets for some of our assignments, and even though it differs from Excel, many of the formatting tools are similar, so it was good to get a grasp of Excel’s data sorting and filtering first.

The specific Lynda course I took can be found here. Thanks to Lynda, I am much more well-versed with Excel and am confident in my abilities to continue creating cool charts, graphs, and stories based off of data that is incorporated within the program. Data management is particularly important, and it’s a great skill to have.