Lynda Requirement – Elena DeLuccia

This was my first time using Lynda! I chose to do the “Data Visualization Storytelling Essentials” since I really loved this course. Even though it most likely won’t play a part in my career in film and TV, I just liked being able to create different data visualizations. I find going through data and creating a story from it so interesting. So this was definitely a great thing to do.

I loved that they suggested drawing out the visualization before anything else. As a graphic designer, this is something I often do – but not something I thought of doing before creating visualized and interactive data. I thought that this was really a way to innovate and improve my skills. When I was doing my final project on women in film and TV, it was helpful to draw out what data I thought should be included to coincide with my story and improve the experience of readers. This also tied into the Lynda lesson of having your visualizations interact with your story. Maybe my readers would want to learn more if they actually saw the data – so that’s what I aimed for! Insightful tables and graphs that tell the user “Go, learn more about this!” without blatantly shouting at them – that was the goal. The lesson that stuck with me the most though was the instructor talking about making your visualizations aesthetically pleasing while also keeping everything factual and learnable – or what they called Eye Candy. I tried my best to keep everything like that, although it is a perfectionist tendency on my part for them to be that way regardless, just because that’s how my brain works being a film and television person.

Overall, this was a really interesting course, and I think it helped me for future data visualizations that I choose to do! I have one coming up in my social media course, so I’m really excited to show my new skills.