Lynda Requirement – Tiffany Moran

I’ve taken a few web design coding classes before so I am very comfortable with HTML and CSS, however JavaScript has always stumped me a little bit. Although I can do certain and specific functions in JavaScript I never really had a fundamental or core understanding of how or why it works. And when we started getting into more of the JS heavier charts like Highcharts, Tabletop, and NVD3 I figured this was a perfect opportunity to refresh the basics of JS and refresh myself on some of these skills.

So for my Lynda course I did the Javascript Essential Training course which allowed me to get a better grasp on the language and understand what some of the code in these charts were actually doing, rather than just altering an array because I was told to put the data there. I was recognizing variables, loops, and iterations in the code, stuff I would have just glanced over without really understanding it before. This really helped me out with the Tabletop and NVD3 assignments in particular because I felt like I was able to complete them quicker thanks to a better understanding of the code. I knew what I had to change to make my version of the chart appear, and if something went wrong I was able to figure out how to fix it because of my grasp on the language.

Overall it was an interesting course and maybe with some more practice/confidence I’ll give altering the JS more of a try and play around with that aspect of it without messing anything up too much!