New York State Stroke Percentages by County

This map shows the Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) hospitalization rate per 10,000 people. This data was gathered from New York State Data site where the community health, obesity, and diabetes related indicators were detailed. From this large data file, I filtered out extraneous data to hone in specifically on hospitalization rates from strokes in the years from 2009-2011. When this data was merged with a map of New York’s counties boundaries from the CartoDB database and then made choropeth by county code, it became clear which ones have the highest stroke rates. Counties such as Oneida, Herkimer and Montgomery have some of the highest stroke hospitalization rates in the state. Counties such as Putnam, Clinton and Saratoga on the other hands, are in the lowest percentile in the state. This could be a reflection of many different things going on in those counties such as healthcare for the elderly and the overall economic climate.