Newhouse Chat Bot -Tamara Abujaber

I never thought about Chat Bots before, but I realized the potential and how useful they could be after playing around on ChatFuel. I initially wanted to create a Chat Bot that is sort of a recipe generator for drinks. My Bot would have initially asked for the user’s age prior to providing the recipe for any alcoholic beverages, which I couldn’t figure out how to verify without having any user just say 21 or over. I decided against the idea and chose to create a directory bot for programs at Newhouse.

By doing so, I can provide the user with some brief information about the various programs that Newhouse provides. While it would be easy to alternatively navigate through the Syracuse and Newhouse websites, communicating with a Bot provides a more personal experience while learning about the programs, since you could compare the experience to speaking to a person about the programs.

I did have some difficulty grasping the concept of creating the Bot, I had to compromise by placing links to the Newhouse Program pages because I wasn’t sure how to maintain the conversation according to the program that the user suggested. I would definitely like to try and build up my skills creating Chat Bots and make it more elaborative and user-friendly. Maybe attempt to create the Bar Bot that I had in mind.

Here’s the link to my simple Newhouse Program navigation bot.