#NTNM – Assignment One


(Elders React to the Occulus Rift – Fine Brothers, YouTube)

With technology always advancing and becoming more accessible, humanity is empowered to answer the unknown, and solve the once-thought impossible. Discovering and adapting with the new development of technologies inspires courage and confidence for the future. Learning about a plethora of technology I was once unfamiliar with before, has provided a welcome disruption in my perception of the future of our evolving society.

As a Television Radio and Film student I was instantly impressed with the Autographer and its ability to capture candid moments with ease. It had potential for future filmmakers of any skill level to scout out locations, host casting calls, do their own social media promotion and possibly even use the device to capture photo for their films.

One of the many reasons why I wanted to take this class was to explore storytelling in different mediums, which is why the Occulus Rift caught my attention. I’ve heard the Occulus Rift being used as a new way to consume journalism stories. I’ve always wanted to use the Occulus Rift in a way for creative storytellers, to create a truly immersive storytelling experience.

As much as I want to use the Occulus Rift, I decided to opt for the Autographer. When coming up with a way to use the Autographer I expected to do something within the television or film industry. However, that all changed when my roommate had an unsettling experience as of recent. She had an excessive amount of alcohol to the point of where she blacked-out and couldn’t account for her whereabouts for a lengthy period of time. She was unaccompanied and was devastated when she couldn’t remember how she got home. She was worried about her safety and had no way to confirm what happened to her. After several counselling sessions and a doctor’s appointment, it was confirmed that no one had taken advantage of her that night.

(BuzzFeed’s What it’s Like To Be  a Woman At Night) 

I had great empathy for my roommate because I too have had harrowing experiences similar to hers where unpredictable circumstances, forced me to walk home on my own. When a woman walks home by herself at night, her safety is compromised and makes her vulnerable. She is unguarded to all kinds of abuse including verbal, physical and sexual assault.

A viral video debuted October 28th, 2014 named ‘10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman‘ which received over 35 million views and sparked discussion whether to regard catcalling as a form of verbal abuse.

 (Hollaback’s 10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman)

 As a way to increase confidence in woman on nights out, I wanted to work with the Autographer. For my lab experiment, I wanted to experiment to see if the Autographer could be used as a way to increase safety for women when they had to walk home unaccompanied. I decided to use the Autographer because it can track the user’s location and take photos candidly without being triggered. I predict the findings will make women feel more confident walking home at night and going out under the influence of alcohol, knowing they can be aware of their location and where they were the next morning. The Autographer would be able to capture faces of people who are a threat to the user’s safety, so if they did cause harm to the user, they could be identified with the Autographer.


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