NMNT Field Test Yi Zhang

360 Video Tour for Prospective Photography Student

I want to experience shooting with 360 camera. So, I choose to create a 360 video tour for prospective photography student. 360 video is very good at demonstrating a space. As prospective students, they must be very eager to know the environment they will be in when they come here. I used 360 video to demonstrate two places that photography students come to very often and  showed the advantage of the photography program here.

I used the Samsung 360 camera and a stand to shoot. I shot each clip for about 1 minute. After stitching the video in Gear 360, I edited it in Premiere, added background music and voice over. I also used the off set effect to adjust the start frame of clips to what I want viewers to see first. It turned out that my last clip of studio was skewed. I might not set the camera straight while shooting. Except for that, I think other things in this video work well.

Through this field test, I got hands-on experience of producing 360 video. Most things for people to care when producing 360 video are the same as producing regular videos. But we need to consider something new too, such as whether to include yourself or not in the 360 degrees space, which angle you want viewers to see first, what scenes are suitable for using 360 to show, special effects for 360 video in Premiere, etc.

I’m also taking a course named Sound for Picture this semester. It makes to think that if people use 360 video to produce movies, sound design will be a challenge. Sound designer need to create the surround effect to match different perspectives of the 360 video. It will be a great chance to get people deeply involved into the movie. I’m very looking forward to watching that kind of movie one day in the future.