#NTNM Assignment 2

Five years from now, advertising will be doing its part to make our world a much better place, enhancing our lives by putting brands right in front of us everywhere we go with gestural interfaces.

Alright, so I lied about the “enhancing our lives” part, but waveable technology certainly does have the opportunity to change the way that we interact with advertisements in out-of-home environments. For advertisers, getting consumers to interact with your brand in a deep way is the holy grail of engagement. Advertisers that are doing it already are ahead of the curve and have seen huge success.

For instance, this ASICS ad in a subway station lets commuters race an elite marathon runner:

Advertising like this works now because it has a factor of surprise and delight, standing out from the standard billboards or posters that people in large cities are accustomed to tuning out. It works because it provides tangible value to peoples’ lives, giving them permission to let loose for a short period of time.

Five years from now, though, it will be much more difficult for advertisers to stand out once this technology becomes more common.

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