NTNM assignment 2 Tony Yao

During these classes, I have got the opportunity to get in touch with all these latest technologies. What interested me most is computer generated Virtual Reality. By creating a virtual world, it is possible to do things that we cannot do in the real world. Apart from Augmented Reality, computer generated Virtual Reality has a more limited use conditions while can also be used for repeatable purposes such as training and designing.

For my field test, I would like to create a Virtual Reality scene of assembling. I would like to test in the current technology limitation, is it more efficient to use virtual tools as training method or in the real world. Is it possible to create a virtual training program that will not only save actual materials but also time to actually learn something new. My plan is to set up a LEGO building simulation and ask people to do it in the real world as well as doing it in the simulation program. By giving the direction in animation or giving a manual, I want to compare the efficiency of both methods and reach a conclusion on that.