NTNM Assignment 2: Yi Zhang

A lot of things in science fiction has or is about to come true. My of my favorite one is smart watch. I remembered when I was young, I always wanted a watch that could make phone calls. Maybe that kind of watch has been invented at that time, but it was not very common to see. But now, a lot of people are using Apple watch or other brands of smart watches. Video calling was only in imagination in the past. It’s also a very common thing in our life. Scanning face or eyes to recognize people’s identity often appeared in science fiction as well. Now, it has come true. Some laptops use face scanning instead of password to start up the computer. VideoVR stuff also appears a lot in science fictions and it is coming true.

Up till now, the 360 video most interests me. My first plan is to use 360 video to do a visual tour to some places that our photography students visit most on campus, such as photo studio, Steele Center (a place for printing and having a rest), lab, and so on. This project can be used for an online campus tour for some incoming students of photography major. My second plan is to experiment creating 360 videos for runners on treadmill. In class, we found out if we move the 360 camera too much, it would make viewers sick because their body are still. I’m curious that if I create a 360 video moving at running speed, can that be watched by runners comfortably? If that works, the 360 video will provide people running in gyms a feeling like running on the streets or anywhere they want.