#NTNM Assignment 3

(Source: YouTube)

That video isn’t shot with a helicopter. It’s pure drone action at its finest. This video not only demonstrates what drones are capable of  now, but it provides a glimpse into the new world that drones will help usher in. In five years, drones will be more commonplace within society and people will be more familiarised with drones as they will be an inherent part of the media as well as the average person’s daily life.

With its ability to reach new heights at that is more than half the price of a helicopter, drones will be a more cost-effective way to obtain footage from great distance and are able to reach areas that helicopters aren’t able to go to without endangering lives. While this may mean job cuts for people in the film industry, this is fantastic news for storytellers who are looking to reach areas that weren’t accessible to them before due to high costs. Journalists can access dangerous areas that they aren’t able to cross, allowing them to uncover more of the story and show more in-depth footage for their viewers. The average filmmaker can film footage with less people and the digital divide is broken down as flying a drone is certainly easier than flying a helicopter!

Big conglomerates are also looking to utilise the power of the drone. Facebook is also looking to use drones to carry Wi-Fi access to remote areas, which could improve rural societies with better education. Meanwhile, Amazon is researching a way to use drones to deliver packages and products to their customers directly.

In essence, the drone in 5 years will make people’s lives overall a lot easier. Storytelling will go in a different direction, forcing cinematographers and journalists to reconsider how things are shot. Personally, I could also imagine drones being used to deliver aid and services in areas that need assistance. I also wouldn’t be surprised if drones just showed up in in every household, right next to the vacuum cleaner…or maybe someone will develop a drone vacuum cleaner? We’ll just have to wait another 5 years. In the meantime, here’s a video, summing up how far drones have come:

(Source: YouTube)

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