#NTNM Assignment 3

This week we explored “flyable” technologies (i.e. “drones” or unmanned aerial systems) that can be used to capture aerial footage and video much more safely and inexpensively than in the past.

By Tuesday, Dec. 2, post a blog entry here with a prediction about how drones might be used in your profession or field of study in the future. Think ahead 5 years, and 10 years. What implications do they have on how you might do your job? What new opportunities do they pose for allowing you to perform certain tasks more efficiently, or even perform entirely new types of tasks that weren’t possible before?

For extra credit, find and embed a video taken from a drone that illustrates your points.

Whenever you post an entry as an assignment, be sure to check the category labeled “NTNM Turned-In Assignments.” The categories are down and to the right of the posting interface in WordPress.

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