#NTNM Assignment 5 – Keith Zubrow

Keith Zubrow One great thing about 3-D Printing is that it is one of the few creative outlets that a limited number people have explored. Unless you are a techy, an architect, or live on Kickstarter than there is a good chance that your knowledge and understanding of 3-D printing is very limited. This should have news outlets across the world jumping with joy.

One of the struggles that media outlets face today is finding new interesting stories to tell that involve science and technology. By running a consistent column on the advances of this new medium the use of 3-D printing could increase exponentially.

One way I could see this being implemented is through creative competitions run by local media outlets. By directing viewers to free software and encouraging them to use it to create new things and enter the competition, the media outlets would not only increase readers/viewership, but also be provided with new content to cover.

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