#NTNM Keith Zubrow – Assignment One

The technology I am most excited to learn more about is the use of drones in journalism. While this topic is incredibly broad, so are the possibilities of what journalists can do with them. In the past we have seen footage from drones used in everything from amateur videos to professional footage, but strict regulations from the FAA have limited what journalists can do with the devices. These limitations not only hurt those looking to produce content with drones, but also the viewer who misses out seeing all of the possibilities of what could be produced. First consider the small-scale events that are often difficult to get close to. One would be a fire where the photographer does not have a clear shot of the burning building or the rescue-taking place. A drone would allow for closer footage to be shot. Additionally, when there is a car accident and the road is shutdown, a drone would be a great asset to get closer footage.

The test I would like to run experiments covering certain news stories with and without drones to demonstrate to the regulators and viewers why restricting this technology hurts us all. I believe that often local news stories are told without all of the footage needed to accurately depict what is taking place. By showing the footage that one has the access to shoot now compared to what a drone could capture could be instrumental in changing the legislation.

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