#NTNM Voll – Assignment One

With the progression of technology moving in the direction of portable and personal electronics, the way that we consume news is very rapidly changing. I want to explore the opposite of that: opening up news in a much more public venue, where multiple people are encouraged to interact with a story at once. Just like Microsoft’s Kinect sensor fundamentally changed how we experience video games, it can also change the way that we tell stories.

I would like to test out how the Kinect sensor, when combined with a large screen in a public area, changes how people use media, and answer several questions:

  • How can it best be used to convey information and data?
  • How can we make such an interface intuitive, so anyone walking by can interact with it?
  • How should such an interface be designed?
  • What types of stories work well? (e.g., longform vs. short, video vs. graphics, deeply interactive elements, etc.)
  • What are the benefits of storytelling in a public area?
  • How can such a medium be utilized for other forms of media, such as advertising?

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